PAC Reps

PAC Reps help keep the parents and teachers of their divisions informed of PAC activities.
Responsibilities also include attending monthly meetings, helping with fund-raising activities and assisting teachers as needed.

Division 1Chris Danielsen 


Division 2Sandra Urquhart 


Division 3Kuldeep Mann 


Division 4Carla Kolb


Division 5Colleen Bledig 


Division 6Dawn Harrison 


Division 7Lisa Keeling-Drever 


Division 8Tara McAllister 


Division 9Julia Larkin 


Division 10Laurel Smith 


Division 11Janet Denault 


Division 12Erin Tobler 


Division 13Deana Davies 


Division 14Debbie Bradshaw 


Division 15Cara Casidy 

Division 16Jody Maskiewhich