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A little help for Kade's family

posted Jan 6, 2012, 3:08 PM by Lee Drever
As many of you already know, for our 2nd annual Tree Chipping & Bottle Drive fundraiser, the PAC decided to use partial proceeds from this regular fundraiser to help the McBurney family. 

Little Kade McBurney is a Hillcrest Elementary student that has been undergoing cancer treatment since last May. As you can imagine, this has been a tough year for the McBurneys but it took a turn for the worse last month when his cancer returned and was declared incurable.

He and his family are currently residing at Canuck Place and while things may look grim, the McBurneys are using this time to keep Kade comfortable and to cherish the moments they have left with him.

We may not be able to give the McBurneys what they really deserve but we can help ease the financial burden that this has presented. The PAC is therefore pleased to report that the Tree Chipping & Bottle Drive raised almost $800 in cash and gift cards specifically for the McBurney family. We have also donated 50% of the chipping/bottle revenue bringing a total $2831.43 (plus $100 in gift cards) going directly to the McBurneys.

To read their story, please visit their blog at

An account at TD Bank has also been opened for further donations; the account number is 9194-6505175.