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Annual General Meeting

posted May 4, 2014, 7:07 PM by Lee Drever

Here's what happened...

Thank-you to all that attended Tuesday's PAC AGM.  It was our longest night of the year, but we accomplished a lot in preparation for the 2014/2015 school year.  All the Executive Positions were filled, which is great news as we can't qualify for our gaming grant without it! 

Here are the positions for next year:

President:  Kelly Grayson
Vice President:  Brenda Seter
Secretary:  Amanda Mcnichol/Jaci Gemmell
Treasurer:  Jennifer Cocks/Trina Bennett
DPAC:  Andrea Ashton/Gail Swan
And Lisa and Lee Drever have agreed to continue on as Communications Lead...thank-you!

We are still looking for at least 1 additional person for our Hot Lunch Committee. 

We currently have 4 people on the committee and are looking for a 5th person to make the load a little lighter.  If you are interested in helping out or just learning more, please let us know.  If we do not get another volunteer for this committee, we may have to consider reducing the number of hot lunch days offered for next year.

We also voted to spend a lot of money in the next year!  Some of the money we have from fundraisers this year, and the rest will come from fundraising in the coming year. 

Complete minutes will be posted when complete, but, in a nutshell, we have voted to spend the following: 

  • Ipads and tech projector carts  $17 000
  • Discretionary classroom funds for all Full Time Employees $1750
  • Grade 7 end of year celebrations/activities $600
  • Sports/dance lessons $2000
  • Library Books $2000
  • Fine Arts Presentation $800
  • Christmas Concert Discretionary Funds $800
  • School Flag and Banner for Track Meets $500
  • Outdoor Play Items $5000 
  • Folding Tents $600


We would also like to say a big thank-you to Mr. Mulholland for his presentation on how Second Step is used in the classroom, including taking us through an actual student lesson and on his tips for how to use/support Second Step at home.