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Fun Fair Update

posted Feb 7, 2013, 10:30 PM by Lee Drever
The planning is well under way for our Fun Fair this May and there are lots of ways that parents and families can help us to prepare.

Book Donations  
We will be having a used book sale during the fair so start gathering those old books that you have read and that are collecting dust and donate them to our fun fair book sale! 

We are also looking for large tents (larger than the standard 10x10's) for the Fun Fair and a large number of tables.  

Prizes and Bags 
We also need more prizes including gift cards for the Fun Fair and would like to have access to roughly 500 plastic bags if you know of a company that could supply them for the loot!

If you could donate any of these items for the day please email us at  

There will be notices coming home right after spring break letting you know how you can contribute to the fun fair. Each class will be assigned a theme basket to fill for the raffle, cakes for cake walk and candy jars to be donated for our candy jar spin game. We will also be asking the parents of each class to help volunteer on the day of the Fun Fair.

There are lots of exciting ways for each of you to get involved in making our fun fair a great success!