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Surrey DPAC (District PAC) Update

posted Jan 28, 2018, 2:48 PM by Lisa Keeling-Drever

Surrey DPAC (District PAC) Update

“We [the Surrey School District] believe all parents want to know if their children are learning and progressing. They want to know if their children are having difficulty and struggling in their learning. They want to know what the teacher is doing and what they as parents can do at home to help their children be more successful. And mostly, parents want to know that their children are cared for, safe and respected, and liked by others. Through thoughtful digital portfolio collections [as well as other reporting tools], parents can be reassured that the teacher really understands and knows their child and is helping them learn and succeed.” Antonio Vendramin, District Principal

For more information about Communicating Student Learning in Surrey, see the attached Power Point presentation to learn more. 2017_Antonio-V.pdf