Emergency Preparedness

In an ongoing effort to provide for our students’ safety and well-being, the school is renewing its effort in the area of emergency preparedness planning. This plan includes response procedures for Critical Incidents that affect the normal operations of the school such as a fire, earthquake, flooding, inclement weather, hazardous material spills or violence/threats.

The school is prepared to care for your child in the event of such a situation for a limited period, if parents/guardians are unable to reach the school. Note that due to storage constraints, the school will not carry emergency supplies of water or food for students. As parents/guardians, you are expected to have your family Emergency Plan and Kit prepared. Please use the 72 hour Emergency Preparedness Guide to assist you in preparation of your family plan and Emergency Preparedness Kit. Ready to go kits are available for purchase at retailers such as Costco, or through the Canadian Red Cross & 72hour Canada.
  • Please complete the forms attached below and return them to the school. 
#2. Comfort Kit. This is to sooth your child in the event that you are not able to collect them personally.

Comfort Kits will not be collected this year. Focus, instead, will be placed on collecting Emergency Release Forms (see below).

#3. Student Emergency Release Form. This is to authorize another Designated Adult to collect your child from the school should you be unable to in the event of a Critical Incident and school closure.
Please discuss this information and your family emergency plan with your child. 
  • Please do not call the school during a Critical Incident; phone lines must remain open for emergency calls. 
  • In the event of a Critical Incident, please refrain from driving to the school, as streets and access routes may be cluttered with debris and must remain clear for emergency vehicles. 
  • As soon as it is safe to, parents/guardians should travel by foot to collect their child/ren. 
  • If you are unable to go to the school, try to contact your Designated Adult and have them collect your child/ren. A student will only be released to their parent/guardian or a Designated Adult that has been identified by the parents on the Student Emergency Release Form. 
  • Upon arrival at the school, do not directly seek out your children, report to the designated Student Release Area. All students must be released to their parents/guardians or Designated Adult through the formal release process. Signs will be posted directing you to the Student Release Area at the school, or an alternate location if it is being used. 
  • In the event that Adams Road School is no longer a safe location, all staff and students will be relocated to Hillcrest Elementary School (18599 65th Ave), this is referred to as the “Emergency Reception Centre”. 
  • Listen to CKNW (AM980), CKWX (AM 1130), or CBC (AM690) and/or the Surrey School District Website, for all emergency instructions regarding the status of school. 
Thank you for your assistance.

Joanne Berka (Principal, Adams Road) and
Matt Dalkie (PAC, Emergency Planning Coordinator)

For further information:

Is your family prepared? 
Provincial Emergency Program 
Surrey Emergency Program 

Lee Drever,
Oct 3, 2011, 1:32 PM